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We just received the following letter and pictures from Ellen. Contact us if we can help you with your restoration.

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for the amazing job restoring my mother’s wedding gown. As you can see from the pictures our seamstress Diana DeRhodes was able to make a few changes so that our daughter Cara could wear her grandmother’s gown on her wedding day!

My parents were married on June 25, 1949, and Cara and Kevin were married on the very same date – June 25, 2011! It was a joy for my mother to have Cara married on the same date and wear her dress!

We very much appreciate the time and care you took to restore the dress to its original beauty!

Ellen L.


  Restored 1949 dress


Anthonys Cleaners does ON SITE restoration.Anthony’s specializes in restoring antique gowns to their true color.  Done without damage to delicate fabrics or dyes, the process removes stains and discoloration that other dry cleaners cannot. Anthony's or any other Wedding Gown Specialist member nationwide will restore the gown.

We offer a free consultation and provide a no obligation estimate. Once we determine that the dress will withstand treatment and receive consent from the original owner, the process can begin. Your dress is then hand-treated individually – never in combination with other dresses – and always on site.

Next, alterations, along with any restyling of your dress can be made. Whether you’re looking to modernize the dress or turn it into a christening gown, flower girl dress, garter or table runner – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Anthonys Cleaners provides Acid-Free, Archival-Quality Wedding Chests for your dress.PRESERVATION

Once the big day has come and gone, don’t leave your dress to fight against the elements or deteriorate over time.  With the purchase of a “true preservation,” you will have the guarantee that states if the gown develops yellowing or caramelized sugar stains, Anthonys will restore the gown back to its original color.

Often spills containing sugar, salt and acid cannot be seen. Our anti-sugar stain treatment allows us to remove the sugar, salt and acid stains that are seen or unseen.

Once the Museumcare™ preservation process is completed, Anthony’s invites you to come in for a final inspection AT NO CHARGE! 
Once we receive your approval, your gown is wrapped and enclosed in completely acid-free tissue and stored in an acid-free, archival-quality wedding chest. The bodice of your dress is elegantly displayed in the 20” x 13” oval window.

Your mementos, such as shoes, handkerchief, garter, etc. can be stored with your gown or in their own Keepsake Box.




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