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Press This Dress!!!
It was the day of the wedding and everything was coming together perfectly, until the mother of the bride decided to iron her daughter’s wedding dress – an elaborate gown with a full skirt and layers of material.  She soon realized the job was too difficult to tackle at home, but the bride was expected for photos in less than three hours!  Mom called Anthony’s and their professional presser was able to take care of the dress immediately. The bride made the photo shoot – and the wedding! – in plenty of time.

Wait! The Train!
It was time to go to the church and the bride was in the limo, but WAIT! – the dress wasn’t! A well-meaning attendant closed the limo door on the train of the dress, leaving a dirty, greasy black stain. After a call to Anthony’s, the bride directed the limo driver to the store where staff was waiting. The bride didn’t even have to remove her gown. The stain was removed; she climbed back into the limo (with the train!) and made it to the church on time.

Something Old, Something New
A family came across a family heirloom - their grandmother’s wedding gown. They knew it wasn’t going to be worn again, but didn’t want to just store it away. Instead they came to Anthony’s and had it made into two christening gowns – one for a boy and one for a girl. Now the family’s future generations will make new memories, while preserving the memory and legacy of their grandmother. 




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